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Panoramic photography - 360 degrees - Virtual tours
A 360░ panorama gives to your customers the possibility of visiting your services from their home.

On the Internet, an interactive virtual tour is used to show, in a realistic way, public places, restaurants, hotels or even real estates. Our virtual tours are offered in a panorama of 360░ x 180░. It means that your customers can move inside the 360░ panorama with a single click, from the ceiling to the floor. (See example)

The place is totally reproduced in a virtual tour without losing any detail.

Integrating the virtual tours to your website is very simple, fast and compatible with every existing navigators such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. We use Flash player (.swf) to publish our virtual tours, simply because it's one of most popular and effective on the Web.

Our virtual tours are made from 10 high definition photographs for an optimal quality. Moreover, the colors, shades, contrasts and white balance are adjusted in order to reproduce the environment as seen by the human eye.

It is also possible to personalize your virtual tour by adding your logo somewhere inside the panorama. You can also add a link to your web site or even a personalized loading picture with your favorite colors.

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